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          Welcome to Wuxi TongXi Metal Products Co., Ltd.
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          Wuxi TongXi Metal Products Co., Ltd.


          Wuxi TongXi Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a sheet metal design, laser cutting, processing as the main direction of the processing enterprises.

          Company in October 2009 was established in Wuxi Taihu National Tourism Resort Mashan V Bridge Technology Industrial Park, the existing staff of 100 people, of whom 25 were in engineering and technical personnel, more than 40 million yuan in output value, plant area of 15,000 square feet Meter.

          Company sheet metal processing equipment: Switzerland Bai Chao (RYSPFFD3015) original laser cutting machine 1, Switzerland 100 super laser fiber machine 1, Yang force CNC bending machine 5 ...

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          Add: No.10, Changkang Road, Mashan, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
          Fax: +86-510-66617191
          General Manager: Zhang Weichao/+86-13701519723
          Tel: +86-510-66617189
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